press reviews

Mozart as Mozart Heard It
Here was music, and playing, magical enough to charm the birds out of the trees. The sound of the sextet as a whole was an absolute delight, producing a pacifying, buttery mellowness which was employed with an insinuating persuasiveness.
-The Sydney Morning Herald

Queens Hall, Edinburgh

Don’t be fooled by the name! Nachtmusique work just as well in the morning as they undoubtedly do at night. They played with impeccable style, precision, wit and a sense of fun. That they feel unwavering passion for their odd-looking instruments was clear from spoken introductions, as well as their lyrical, but more serious, account of Mozart’s Serenade K375.
-The Scotsman, Edinburgh

This was music-making on a level that is rarely heard! One experienced a sound of brilliant intensity and absolute technical mastery. The highpoint came with the Beethoven sextet: music with the most perfect expression. The concert was a great success, and confirmed the ensemble’s international reputation.
-Gazzetta del Sud, Messina